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Thu, Feb 07, 2019
Sunflowers Digital Image Download

cindy boyd artwork

Sunflowers Digital Image Download

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Dimensions: 9333x7000 @ 300 ppi

Date Taken as a photo : Aug 21, 2015 • 12:51:40 PM

Exposure: 2941/500000 sec @ f/2.2

You can buy the RAW photo HERE at for a comparison I have made it available on Smugmug


These were photographed at a local farm stand, where I tried to explain I am a graphic designer and I might use a version of this.  They did say it was alright at that time.  I wanted to ask because I was not buying the flowers.  I walked past them and knew I had to grab an image.  You see, I am a bad gardener.  There is no reason for any plants I have ever tended to rightfully be in a state of recognizeability.  I have ceased to remember to water the once a month cactus.  I have bought hanging planters for the porch and then actually been startled in late october noticing them there.  It took me a full two minutes to come to terms with the buried memory I had of initially buying the plants.  I had ...after glimpsing first thought it was a large container of spiders someone had hung on the front porch to scare me.  i reached up and found it to be dead plants.  After finally recalling the purchase I began laughing hysterically.  I told myself "you, you bought those you silly.. I can not believe you forgot them to that degree".  Later, when I had my own house (that was back in 95..  I remembered I was bad at remembering and bought the most beautiful fake hanging planters for the front porch.  This fooled evryone.  They all thought I was an amazing plant tender.  Quite funny actually.  My favorite garden though...because I had one once that worked..  was this one: 

Now what you can't tell by this picture is the true size of the sunflowers.  They were nearly as thick around at the base as my thigh.  They were four feet taller than my daughter riding on her cousin's shoulders: adult cousin.  The next year we found the garden growing ; guess what, PUMPKINS!  we did not plant pumpkins.  This was very difficult to understand.  But we had a compost heap where last fall's pumpkins were thrown:  but this:  this is what grew from THAT: 

This was an amazing two years for my oldest little girl.  She truly believed momma was a gardener. 

The funniest thing was, though: when we moved in.  The garden had a shed.  About three months after we moved in, I found a big empty bag in the shed.  The big bag said "miracle gro" on it and it was the size of a small dump truck. IT WAS EMPTY> ! I immediately began pondering the propriety of the currently planted from previous owners' veggies ON the table.  Secretly, I had hoped it was to my advantage that this may have been done...because I KNEW I could not garden well.  The only thing was that we had to pick a crop that was inedible.  Sunflowers.  We will go with sunflowers this year I said to my family.  No one would have thought i could be correct in my worries anyhow, not at that age.

So for two years, we had a garden full of miracles.  It was magic to me because back in highschool

I had never seen a live sunflower garden.  I wanted to paint one.


Finally, while later on in college, but before my own garden: I just imagined a field of sunflowers and did this oil painting on a closet shelf I stole from my first apartment:

So when I wandered by these little sunflowers at the farmstand with my camera phone on:  or dslr, I was overjoyed, because I knew in about ten minutes I could make the beautiful image out of this framing  at this angle with this light with the help of my topaz glow filter. Fur and feathers setting.  Amazing.  I now have lost patience for painting.  My main medium is digital image manipulation.  I just haven't got a system yet for translating analog image making to digital.  tablet pens are not natural: thats a different genre.  I have something in mind though.  I'm sure i'll mention it when I get one.  I love the almost 20's   !  so much cool tech art stuff.  Thanks for stopping by!



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