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Fri, Mar 29, 2019
Snowy Pine Digital Image Download

cindy boyd artwork

Snowy Pine Digital Image Download

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This image was taken out my front screen porch door with no treetops visible due to snow the small number of trees captured was the direct result of me not wanting to go down the steps in the icy feb snow with no screen door present I could clearly see this was the right course of action. The screen door dissapeared like a iowa twister hit it a few years back during some straight line winds.  Never did hear about where it had gotten to. somewhere about 2014. image capture Nov 25, 2018 • 3:39:53 PM - edit same day in topaz fur and feathers glow filter.

Dimensions: 7000x9333 @ 72 ppi

email me for another size

I have a bad memory of watching my mother just throw the recycling down the stairs once when the door was still there. When it was usually explained out the rough stairs down from the kitchen would be better, she seemed to have no recollection.  One step outside and there was always a "where are you goin to" in the house.

As I affixed my eyes to the sparkle in the snow to practice the vague notion of trancendentalism I may have wanted to experience at that time, a squirrel ran ip a tree unseen on the other side of the door and i instead swiveled and left my right arm stiff like a pivot point to capture the suddenly perfectly eye level squirrel in a winterwonderland.  Made me laugh all day when i put it on a zippo and the tail looked like it held the lid for the flame to come out of the nether regions.  I may have been the only one to get the flaming squirrel but zippo joke.  but it was surprisingly relaxings and cheered me right up. Squirrels do not need my unrecycled bacon and guacomole on toast sandwich parts. seems to be a summer food anyways. At least my hair wasn't up at the time and did not interfere with the lens in the breeze.

Designed with original artwork digitally uploaded to a specialty print house utilizing 3d design software to produce stunning detail and expressive color arrangements that create a unique one of a kind art gift.

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