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Fri, Mar 29, 2019
Snowy Owl Flameless Candle
Snowy Owl Flameless Candle
Snowy Owl Flameless Candle


Snowy Owl Flameless Candle

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Snowy owl in a vintage image with modern composition. Currently in a decreasing numbers status.
Style: Wrapped LED Candle
Size: 3" x 8" LED Candle

Add personalized details for a unique atmosphere anywhere with custom candle wrappers. These finishing touches to your décor are a quick and convenient way to transform plain, flameless candles into an eye-catching accent. The perfect way to dress up your home, get-togethers or events.

  • Dimensions: 3"(diameter) x 8"(height). Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Custom decorative LED candles perfect for any season, location or occasion.
  • Wrapper made from long lasting high-quality vinyl fabric.
  • Easy to apply & reusable.
  • Timer option: 24 hour cycle. Candle will stay on for 5 hours, then will automatically turn off for 19 hours before turning on again.
  • Takes 2 AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Designed with original artwork digitally uploaded to a specialty print house utilizing 3d design software to produce stunning detail and expressive color arrangements that create a unique one of a kind art gift.

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