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Wed, Feb 06, 2019
Blue Kaleidoscope Quilt Digital Image Download

cindy boyd artwork

Blue Kaleidoscope Quilt Digital Image Download

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During a period of heavy medication adjustments, I found it necessary to eliminate meaning from my designs in order to worry less. Less depth, more design.  I could not make patterns very well at that time either.  I happened upon a graphics program called Kaleidoscope Kreator or something like that that offered a number of shapes to kaleidoscope and i got the square pack in one.  I think it was actually called quilter's pack and I then decided to try to arrange kaleidoscopes like a quilt.  I thought it being just enough juxtaposition to survive the boredom by playing with the notion that digitally, the image works, it works up close, but printed on cloth it may not come out as well.  The details kept the spirit of, at least, play off the stitch quilt layer style i found somewhere for photoshop.  Its homespun digital.  Each piece was created in a  separate hour of work.  The lace one is a stock image with layer style.  I purchase a few now and then so as to not reinvent the wheel during complex arrangements.  The leafy background on the faux velvet square is also stock.  That was done in a complex 20 step photoshop tutorial.  The tutorial videos were once quite popular from random artists. Create and customize a zazzle product with this for yourself or a friend. Simply replace the low res image used to fill this template with your purchased download.


Designed with original artwork digitally uploaded to a specialty print house utilizing 3d design software to produce stunning detail and expressive color arrangements that create a unique one of a kind art gift.

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