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Wed, Mar 06, 2019
Coffee Cup Abstract Digital Image Download

cindy boyd artwork

Coffee Cup Abstract Digital Image Download

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I Think I took this photograph at the findmyself in racine with a couple dollars while homeless need a break from the shelter hotel.  I used to go there to do small still life work when I worked at the library and needed a break. 2016 or so. I don't even remember what was in the photo.  All I could think when I played with the image on the cell phone in the library was:  I need coffee.  I make the whole picture look like my favorite coffee cup i never had because it was really a plate design from my grandmas house I kept in my room.  I always wanted a set of willowware.  So this is my coffee cup.  some inexplicable pile of trinkets and a very uncaffienated abstraction of a loose interpretation of a memory of something that was very much LIKE willowware, but even that was just some pattern from a department store in the 1950's.  Regardless, it made me feel like home.  Then I headed over to the center for the recently shelter disenfranchised and drank coffee till 11:00 am.  Had lunch.  big lunch.  Great place right near the library if you have a couple dollars for a tip they appreciate it.  All the places right near the library are pretty cool, but the coffee till 11:00, that one deserves more. Love is watching someone get up from the card game.

Dimensions: 4837x6000 @ 300 ppi

Designed with original artwork digitally uploaded to a specialty print house utilizing 3d design software to produce stunning detail and expressive color arrangements that create a unique one of a kind art gift.

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