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Thu, Feb 07, 2019
Black and White Bookshelves Digital Image Download

cindy boyd artwork

Black and White Bookshelves Digital Image Download

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Dimensions: 3450x5154 @ 300 ppi

Mar 15, 2012 • 10:06:10 PM accessed a site called morguefile for the digital image equivalent of free to create derivative works without requiring attribution imagery. (thank you for contributing)

Created with photoshop tool filter adjustment.  Paint brush used to remove actual book names.  the position of a few books was changed. a few books may have been added.  It was great stock imagery!

The black and white bookshelf:  I Ialso have a blue one but prefer this version.

I love to read.  While My doctors were looking for the combination of medications to allow me the greatest depth of use of my little noggin, I began to find it difficult to read.  I couldn't maintain my line pass at the casual reading glance level.  My eyes would float to the next line and I would then be scared because the next words didn't make sense with the last words.  I was afraid.  I was afraid I was losing my ability to determine meaning.  I did not read frequently after college part 1, but I did occasionally.  I had a book on Eleanor of Aquitane.  Two years before I got sick I picked it up again at page 70. I read randomly every few days a few pages.  That is all I wanted.  Some break time enjoyment. By the time I needed medication I was only on page 120. I had a good period for five years: but then made the mistake of going it alone with alcohol cessation.  I experiencied medication mixed with what I think were the DT's.  I finished the book just before that happened.  Sober since 2011, thank you.  -4 beers and a pumpkin baileys while homeless won't count- (two year span) .  Books.  As a child I read books.  as a teen i read books till I found: bands with three guitars in them.  Then i painted and loosened up a bit.


no, the bands did not cause the drinking.  I didn't even start till my senior year of highschool.  I binged every two weeks or so by college.  Then I had a nice long binge every month at least once period, then i got a house on a culdesac.  nough said.  So after all:  for my kids I stopped. Later on after the meds got better this last few years, I have been reading on the screen more.  Kindles, computers.  I don't like to lay around reading during the day, on the computer you are more alert.  I don't know, maybe I just like the backlight. Books are back.  This picture is the OLD way to read, for me  This is a picture of antiques.  Like the oxford press showing you a picture of scroll jars, right?  

On my bedroom as a kid of 12, there was an in wall built in tall book shelf system.  My dad kept travel books, history books, all his old college books, and he'd stuff important strange albums and memorabelia between the spaces.  it had been a favorite pas time to wander amongst the dust and search for something 20, 30, 50 years old hidden in the tomes.  It would always surprise my da.  I found this for you!  And he would smile and pause and put one arm on the corner of his arm chair and begin to tell me what this was and how he couldn't believe he still had it.  Half the time the story would end with:  this one might be worth something.  So at 12 I became the keeper of the study.  I moved in.  (record player was also kept in there-- another story)  I shared a small room with my two sisters.  at 12, you really don't want a bunkbed anymore: not in the junior high.   I loved my new room.  Finally, peace and quiet.

I loved my sisters.  Still do.  But they really had way more toys than I expected sisters to have and it was difficult to navigate to my jewelry, my clothes, my books, my tape cassettes.  The study was way better.

When I was little though I had some scary experiences in the study.  Tell you about that some other time.  This image has it's story back now.


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