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Family Tree Videos

I use my collection of vintage photos sometimes in my artwork.  I have an entire trunk filled with them.  My grandmother and I used to spend hours going through them.  My dad is also quite a bit knowledgeable.  How did I get most of my family tree info?  Well, One:  I became interested EARLY and talked with relatives and took notes.  2: I helped go through my grandmother's things when she passed and found that beautiful woman kept everything.  Wedding invites, birth notices, funeral cards.  I have a whole box I went through for info that may end up in storage.  I took the info from many of those items and while busy with children, just after pausing from history major college, I neglected to document every single one of them or photograph them.  I was on ancestry back then too. I was pretty sure at some point public records would triangulate most of the info later on.  I ordered my first document somewhere in the 90's.  A marriage certificate for my great great grandmother Rosie (olivia).  I was interested in our first immigrant generation.  My mother's line is not studied due to divorce.  Some of the more amazing documents found in my grandmother shirley's collection was a burial plot receipt from a 1924 gravesite in Calgary in Chicago.  Things like that she had maybe four or five boxes of rubberbanded materials.  About 1997 I was on a message board called ROOTSWEB on the Rutledge list as well.  There I found a Brother from another great grandfather, with access to a diary handwritten of during the family of William C. Rutledge from Mine Run Hundred Maryland b. 1794, taking the Oregon Trail out west in a Wagon Train.  He emailed me a ten page synopsis of excerpts. I pulled all the tree info I could out of it. Highlights were naming Oxen after some fellows, story of his wife Margaret Moore losing her mother in a carriage accident, and leaving Dr. John (my line) in Posey Co. or Poseyville Indiana. Most memorable line was explaining that on the trail there were Sunday keepers, and sunday movers.  This began to break the group up. As far as I know we do not connect to the Rutledge signers. (Declaration and Constitution).

Here are some videos to introduce you.  These are just made with Windows 10 or adobe spark software and a cell phone camera and cell recording app.  nothing fancy.  You can do this with your stuff too.  These only take a few hours once you snap pictures of your materials.  As always with genealogy research, we get a few things wrong now and then.  I'm fond of documents, but they don't tell you everything.  I try to clarify for viewers if its a possibility that the fact is a guess.




Vintage Family Photos