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 Welcome to Expressive Flower Art Goods; where you can find art printed clothing housewares, prints, mugs and tech cases in a print on demand emporium by single individual artist. Print on demand shopping. Seasonal artwork for the holidays on a variety of goods. Abstract and fine digital art also available on the finest print on demand products; dropshipped to your door. 

 I am Cindy Konen Boyd; a Print On Demand Artist.

Telling you about my Indie job as a print on demand artist: where products are printed ONLY as they are ordered and virtual inventory gives rise to broadly creative goods from designers experiencing freedom. To find out more about my artwork please see the artist philosophy statement page.


The Process:



  I have built up an image arsenal of over 900 pieces of original artwork.  I rarely use clip art.  I edit my own photography and draw and create original graphics.  Then I simply upload appropriately sized for print resolution images to a printer like Printify that provides 3d mock up generators to adjust the design on the product from the comfort of your home.    Then I write the description and post for sale.  In order to add to my expressive flower shop, many printers have integrated with shopify for product imports.


About This Site and FAQ: 

This store was launched in June of 2018 with the help of shopify, the leader in small business retail websites.


Shipping Returns:

A Womens Size chart is just a guide. Please use the size charts for clothing items available on individual pages. Every manufacturer is different. I accept no returns, but will refund in cases of print malfunctions or shipping damage. Simply email me photographs of the item for a prompt refund. Print malfunctions are unlikely color issues, or incomplete coverage and unexpected placement. Photos will be required for a return, no shipping will be necessary.


 Shipping Costs and Rates for USA orders:

I charge a flat rate for shipping based on cart totals.

1-7$  3.00

7-25$ 7.00

25-50$  12.00

50-150$ 17.00

150-325$ 27.00

325$ and up 57.00


 International Flat Rate Shipping Rates:

1-5$  14.00

5-50$  30.00

50-250$  40.00

250-600$  60.00


The following print production houses are used in MY Shopify store on automatic fufillment.

Meet the partners:  each of my dropshipping production houses has a prominent web presence you can further research before you buy.  Some designs in the following production houses are Expressive Flower Art Goods exclusives:




Art Of Where


Rage On


Viral Style



Printy 6



Sublimation Kitchen

Custom Cat


WC Fulfillment




Printed Mint

Gear Launch

Kin Custom



Superfast POD

The following companies produce under the brand label artofmine on this website: Rage On. 

The following companies produce work under the label expressive flower art goods: Gooten, Art of Where, Sublimation Kitchen, Kin Custom, Interestprint, Contrado



Shipping Times 

Some items in the print on demand world ship within 5 days. Print and sew clothing ships within two to three weeks so expect your package within 3-4 weeks. Some items take as long as six weeks to arrive (boots from Printify is an example) as they are printed and then constructed as per your order. Most items arrive within three weeks through my personal ordering experience.


Refund times: Once an item has gone into production after the first 48 hours following order placement, no refunds will be given except in cases of shipping or print damage. 



-----a brief tribute to mythbuster-ing---


Resolution has also changed in the past 5-7 years dramatically.  There are now some cameras on cell phones on the market that have a 20 megapixel resolution. The d3000 I believe had a 10.2 megapixel resolution. My iPhone 7 has a 12 megapixel resolution.  Megapixels are the screen display size, width in pixels, times height in pixels divided by 1 million.

  • 3756 x 2590 = 9,728,040 pixels = 9.7 megapixels

Pixel resolution is two separate number groups actually, and many places explaining it on the web get it wrong, or simplify it to an incorrect number because of that fact. Resolution is dots (square grid dots that make up the image, not ink jet dots) per inch display in either screen or print of the pixels in an image PLUS the Actual number of pixels in height and depth across of the image.  The thing is, this number appears to be the same if you oversimplify.  It is actually an interpolation of the defined number of pixels captured in and for an image AGAINST the pixel depth display rendered.  For example:  The resolution of a digital photograph 5000x5000 as displayed on a later iPad or iPhone with retina display is a GREATER number than the same size image displayed on the non-retina display devices.  It seems nobody has agreed on how to label that one just yet.  If you think about it about ten or fifteen minutes, you too, will just mutter some kind of profanity.  P. S. My graphic design degree also taught me how both your eyes, a computer monitor, and most printers process and display color in either wavelengths or your perception of wavelengths in light.  Luckily, you don't need to know that to shop in my store. But you can trust that I have sized the image appropriately for for transinterpolation by a fabric or ceramics printer. 

really really.





When you buy from me directly or at my other shops you are supporting an independent artist.



Thank you.