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About Cindy Konen Boyd The Artist and Her Store FAQ


 I am a Print House Graphic Artist

Telling you about my Indie job as a print on demand artist: where products are printed ONLY as they are ordered and virtual inventory gives rise to broadly creative goods from designers experiencing freedom.


What it is this place anyway?...



 Where did I get all these products these from? First and foremost you must keep in mind I personally designed them on a 3 d mock up generator  or template run I personally adjusted AND created the final artwork used in THAT part.  Other companies do the ACTUAL printing.

I get products into my store here at Expressive Flower, three ways: 1: exclusive partners with shopify that have 3d mock up design tools and manufacturer connections.  2: independent websites that offer design tools for 3d mock ups online and include a shopify product integration system that includes a dropshipping process through members only or public apps.  3. I also have other shops.

 The above 3 types of art store membership relationships make this shop possible.

I thank them all because ten years ago, this industry did NOT EXIST. The coders and developers that enable me to attempt to earn a living based on merit of my work instead of the value determined by a gallery or jury, have helped to establish a new breed of graphic design. 


When it is...arriving 



If you pay for expedited shipping at check out, please note, next day and three day are commenced AFTER the item has been manufactured.  Note all items in my store are made ON DEMAND or as ORDERED, so a three day manufacturing window should be anticipated before items are ready to ship, with a one day hold to put items into production.

Thank you for your patience.  Artists have the joy of offering a wide variety of quality goods without paying upfront costs for warehousing or overstocking because of companies that perform this on demand print service.

 RETURNS are accepted with 2 weeks of shipment for print quality or printer malfunction, and shipping damage.  Photos will be requested via email, then a refund will be promptly issued. send to

Most print on demand products take anywhere from 4-7 days to finish production and shipping distances vary.  In my experience most products ordered arrive within a week and a half to two weeks, with the exception of the print house, cow cow, which has about a three weeks from time of order placed to arrival; and shoes from the Printify design print house, which also has a three week wait for order arrival on shoes. Well worth it though, both have extremely good quality products.



How it was...



All works on this site are copyrighted original works or fall under the derivative work clause for use of public domain imagery.

Works After May 2019 are created originally on ipad, iphone7, or pc w/ photoshop

Works before 2016 photographed with a NIKON D3000.

Works Before 2012 photographed with a Canon sureshot.

Works Before 2007 SCANNED

Works AFTER 2016: mobile device captures. 

 Works between 2013-2016 done on either or BOTH an iMAC iPad or Windows PC

Works done AFTER 2017 created on a windows PC

Works done since 1997, probably saw the inside of a photoshop incarnation. Me longtime fan.



The Process:



How can one 43 year old artist manage all this? I earned my degree in graphic design in 2013.  I have built up an image arsenal of over 900 pieces of original artwork.  I rarely use clip art.  I edit my own photography and draw and create original graphics.  Then I simply upload appropriately sized for print resolution images to a print house like zazzle.  There, their online software allows me to adjust the placement of my image.  Then I write the description and post for sale.  In order to add to my expressive flower shop, many print houses have integrated with shopify for product imports, otherwise I screen capture and manually enter the product information.

Over time, the collection of a graphic artist's designs grows quite large and she curates them on every site she is on.

 I use various graphic software and image capture and manipulation hardware.


-------  history philosophy interlude  ------


  I have been making art for sale on printable products online since 2009.  Three months after I began my first Zazzle store, I sold this image on a print taken with my only real camera which i owned for a few years, a d300 Nikon dslr (digital single lens reflex) with an extra macro lens I bought.  Many cell phones exceed the potential for variety of shots and angles because they are NOW, as of post 2015, being built as Dual lens reflex cameras.  They simply lack actual focal adjustment lengths.These days you can get an iPhone to do almost the same detail level or purchase lens clips for cell phones to get the desired look.


This is the second image I sold a few months later: 

The blue daisy is currently the only printed wall art of my work that I currently own.  Just a simple bundle of flowers bought in a bouquet at the grocery store for under $10 bucks. Blue is my favorite color. (these flowers are dyed--daisies don't come in blue)


-----a brief tribute to mythbuster-ing---


Resolution has also changed in the past 5-7 years dramatically.  There are now some cameras on cell phones on the market that have a 20 megapixel resolution. The d3000 I believe had a 10.2 megapixel resolution. My iPhone 7 has a 12 megapixel resolution.  Megapixels are the screen display size, width in pixels, times height in pixels divided by 1 million.

  • 3756 x 2590 = 9,728,040 pixels = 9.7 megapixels

Pixel resolution is two separate number groups actually, and many places explaining it on the web get it wrong, or simplify it to an incorrect number because of that fact. Resolution is dots (square grid dots that make up the image, not ink jet dots) per inch display in either screen or print of the pixels in an image PLUS the Actual number of pixels in height and depth across of the image.  The thing is, this number appears to be the same if you oversimplify.  It is actually an interpolation of the defined number of pixels captured in and for an image AGAINST the pixel depth display rendered.  For example:  The resolution of a digital photograph 5000x5000 as displayed on a later iPad or iPhone with retina display is a GREATER number than the same size image displayed on the non-retina display devices.  It seems nobody has agreed on how to label that one just yet.  If you think about it about ten or fifteen minutes, you too, will just mutter some kind of profanity.  P. S. My graphic design degree also taught me how both your eyes, a computer monitor, and most printers process and display color in either wavelengths or your perception of wavelengths in light.  Luckily, you don't need to know that to shop in my store.  It will make it more interesting though, plus you won't be a dufuss.

really really.



About This Site and FAQ: 



This store was launched in June of 2018 with the help of shopify, the leader in small business retail websites.

An Important note about About Sizing:


In most cases xlarge is a size 16 xxlarge is 18 and small is 7-9 Womens sizing

Cow cow, Live Heroes, Rage On, and PAOM (print all over me, who just relaunched) are the only brands extending sizes to womens 18-24, however several x-large 16's run 16/18.

 zazzle leggings are printed by another supplier of mine, art of where (listed under the expressive art goods label on this site.  Their x-large is a tight 18 or loose 14-16.  

My companies used, are internationally diverse geographically.  Many have us base offices.  Some manufacture in the US, some overseas. My philosophy is we live in one world, and jobs help people in most cases. Artists are found in all corners, so it only fits that groups helping to employ artists (which is a rare breed of company, be found and considered despite typical first nation syndromes). Probably 60% of my poised to be sold inventory (mock ups-to-print on demand) is produced in the USA , however.

I personally am a plus size most of the time hovering around 16-20 so I know the difficulty in sizing for the edge of general manufacturing.  Please be aware as these goods are printed on demand, I do not accept returns for size or fit problems. For example I fit a size 3x at cow cow perfectly.  at local stores I am a 1x or 16/18 sometimes a 20. 

I try to provide as much information as possible because once a product is printed, there is little recourse for exchange as they are not stocked,; simply printed on demand.


 Shipping Costs and Rates:

I charge a flat rate for shipping based on cart totals.

1-7$  3.00

7-25$ 7.00

25-50$  12.00

50-150$ 17.00

150-325$ 27.00

325$ and up 57.00

$325.00 and up $57.00

I ship all but furniture Internationally and the rates are about one half times higher. 


The following print production houses are used in MY Shopify store on automatic fufillment.

Meet the partners:  each of my dropshipping production houses has a prominent web presence you can further research before you buy.  Some designs in the following production houses are Expressive Flower Art Goods exclusives:




Art Of Where


Rage On


Viral Style



Printy 6



Sublimation Kitchen

Custom Cat




Two Fifteen

WC Fulfillment


Print Melon

The following Print houses are No longer carried in my store - but you should check them out.  They should all get a shopify integration- my christmas wish.


Bags of Love

Cafe press

Cow Cow


Society 6

Customized Girl


Items show the vendor in the store which in all cases is the manufacturer except  under the headings artofmine and expressive flower art goods where brand is attributed at the design website. 

The following companies produce under the brand label artofmine on this website: Rage On. 

The following companies produce work under the label expressive flower art goods: Gooten, Art of Where, Sublimation Kitchen


Please remember shipping times do not figure the two to five days it takes to sometimes send a piece into production for print. Due to the nature of Print on demand, all items are final sales except in cases of shipping damage.  Please do your sizing research on the products for apparel before you buy and if planning a large order, try out an item first, before ordering ten items of like kind.



 I keep my costs low by keeping everything a one person job and this is savings handed off to you. In most cases I make 20% or 10-20$ per order.  In some cases you may find the same products available on their native shops (the 3D mock up product generator parent or HOME company'(s) that also have the goods physically printed.  These companies have artists storefronts at the subdomain level. All of them do.  I allow them to maintain a cheaper price set (they let you adjust commission/royalty demands in most cases). So I encourage you to use the "my other shops" pull down menu when you note the manufacturer on the product page and see if you can find your product on sale!



When you buy from me directly or at my other shops you are supporting an independent artist.



Thank you.




Shopify is not a sponsor or contributor to the content of this store.  Shopify is a Canadian based company that provides secure shopping cart systems for mid to large online individual small business retailers for a monthly subscription fee that far outwerighs brick and mortar storefront rental.

Thank you so very much for browsing my store.  I hope you return !