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Vintage Travel Art

View the background info on the vintage travel photos by viewing the video project I have started where readings of my grandmother's detailed travel journals are paired with the images they took and the paintings that she later produced upon their returns home. They went on tours that were approximately a month long at least 5 times between 1967 1971 followed by two or three trips to mexico after that. They not only left three handwritten journals, two typed, but 15 trays of slides that have already been scanned.

My Father was on the 1968 and 1973 and is currently assisting with some informational direction. I also use some of his photography work.


The work I do to them for use on products takes anywhere from moments to hours. Sometimes I add a brush layer of flights of birds, sometimes i smudge brush new clouds and repaint the sky. I spend at least a few minutes removing spots after every scan as many had been in poor condition. detail filters were applied on many as well. For artistic purposes paint and smoothing texture filters have created a print art look that appeals to me as I hope it may to some of you.


In all cases recognizable faces at a distance of less than 40ft approximate have been removed from the image using the heal tool unless it was my grandparents themselves. I would like to request any help on identifying places seen in the videos or artwork be sent via the contact page on this website, or  videos available in public playlist on youtube.