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Art Tech Mix

This mix contains a lot of cell phone cases and a spattering of ipad cases, a new line of wireless headphones and chargers, watch straps, speakers and macbook cases and phone grips as well as a few mousepads.  All from a variety of noted print on demand companies such as Pixels, Gooten, Teelaunch, and Printify. As new phones are released more and more often, the offerings of these companies updates. However I must delete and re import the product in order to carry thew phone case. This collection has taken a year and half to build so lets just say phones out less than a year and a half ago have a lesser showing than phone types out more than a year and and a half ago. Please use the CONTACT FORM to email me a request for a specific type of phone and i will expedite your wishes by the following business day. I love requests. All designs are created and placed on the product mock up by the site expressive flower art good's artist: cindy konen boyd.