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Travel Journals 1967 May 10th and 11th

Cindy Boyd

My grandparents Shirley and Ray Konen have been gone more than a decade, but their writings bring me comfort. These are the first serious readings of their travel journals, mostly penned by my grandmother.  About three years ago I put forth the effort to scan at high res all of their slides.  I will try to add a couple to each video, but I am unfamiliar with most of the locations except a small handfull.  I have used about 60 pieces in photomanipulated and filtered artwork and have gifts available on this site, just browse the Vintage travel art mix. My grandfather was very into photography in this era and took most of the photos, according to my dad. My grandfather was a salesman all his life.  He would be happy to be still working even while on such a long vacation. My grandmother used the photos to make oil paintings when she got back.  She bought me my first set of oil paints when I was 12. All the videos on my blogs are made using adobe spark or windows photos and my iphone.

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