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Review of Beeoux Birthstone Jewelry

The pieces are always smaller than I imagined from the beautiful large photography because i, just like you hardly ever read the millimeter size descriptions.  The dainty little necklaces printed my complex designs with such fine etched engraving that the clean shapes have good sharp contrast on the gold and silver plated jewelry I ordered.  pictured is a piece I just got for my aunt for Christmas: shhh. don't tell her.  


The chains are affixed with a very tiny jumpring area and the chains themselves seem long, but be careful wrapping, they seem prone to possible tangles if left in a mixed pouch.  The pendant is solid, but the chain is light and fine at a medium link width as far as small chains go in this price category.  overall I am pleased, especially for the price.



Here is the product page:

Here is the Beeoux jewelry section of my store, where you can find sevral birthstone necklace designs.

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